Lost Alive

Hello, my name is Keith Johnson and i am working on my first modern survival game called Lost Alive. I have been working on this game for a few months alone with no help and was able to make it close to a public working build. In this game users will spawn in random places in the world and will be able to build their own civilization based off their surroundings.

For example, Team A will be able to do or create what Team B couldn’t because Team A is in the desert and Team B is in the snowy mountains. Each area will have something that another area doesn’t. These teams can either work together or fight, and take over each other’s territory. Of course, there is more than that. Mini games will also be implemented into the game and different contest.

As time go on, teams will be able to upgrade their equipment, buildings, weapons, and a lot of other important assets. For example, maybe they will have access to computers and be able to play games or do other things on an in-game PC. Or from wooden houses to brick houses.

This game is still in development. Soon I will post videos of some game play going into more detail about the game. I am still working hard to complete this assignment, and i would like to think the Lost Alive community for supporting the Lost Alive project.

Please like and share our Facebook group for more pictures, videos, and further updates.

Also please feel free to add my Skype if you like : Skeeta92

Sound a bit like Ark Survival men, But nice looking Environment

Every game sounds like another game. What i am working on is making it different which takes time. No game is created over night.

Skeeta. That last photo looks like my a beach I’m familiar with. If you drop in a hammock, shotgun, and a cold beer. You’ll find me in there playing the game.

HAHA I am trying my best. These images are a bit old but i am going to post some new ones as soon as possible. Just wanted to show some progress.

Still even with these old shots, they look amazing for a one man development. Great job!

Thank you :slight_smile: I am working on a better environment and hopefully can get something from the grant so i can get things done alot better.

I like the environment!

Thank you! Its only getting better. We are working on redoing it.

Thanks for all the support :slight_smile: