Loot Spawn System - Can't stop Item from continuously spawning

Hey Unreal Engineers,

I am trying to make my own Loot Spawn System. Currently I’ve finished the random item picking and spawning (nothing polished yet). Problem is I can’t manage to find a way to disallow the System from spawning items continuously on the same spot.

More specifically, I want the Spawner to “trace” the first, existing object/item (collision-wise) in the Target Point, so as not to allow another (2nd, 3rd and so on) one spawning. When the player picks up the item, the system will spawn the next random one.

I have searched the net but haven’t find anything :confused: If you do know a solution please do link it over here. Thanks for your time


You could use a Branch node that is dependant on a Bool variable that is set when the item is spawned and then have the Bool be reset during your item collection code.