Looks for advice in creating randomized/realistic materials + seeking criticism

I’m trying to make my materials look better/random/not-clearly-tiled/etc…

I added some grime on the plaster above using a mask, but even that is clearly identical if someone looks closely, but it sure helps get rid of the plain white plaster which looks very bland on it’s own. I was also thinking of randomizing the normals on the plaster to give it more randomness…

And as for the stone, I’m not sure how to randomize it. Add grime to the cracks? Leaking? Any tips would be appreciated (and any criticism of what I’ve made so far)

I’d suggest either using vertex painting to blend multiple textures or using world space textures to hide tiling by adding some extra large scale variation.

An easy way to create more randomness in your grime is to use a world space mapped noise to modulate the grime. This prevents the grime from looking repetitive as is happening with the mask on your plaster.

Here’s an example where I used this in a UE3 project, but the concept works exactly the same in UE4:

And here it is used in-game on the streaky decals. Note that all visible decals use exactly the same texture which would have looked super repetitive without this randomization:

Shameless plug for my tile system, I know, but it might be able to help you a lot: