Looking to make my own automated landscape material

Hi there!

I’ve been working with UE4 for, oh, about a week and was looking into ways to better automate my landscape creation process. I’ve seen plenty of automatic landscape packs around and on the marketplace (the LAM pack by VeaGames is still my favorite) but I’m cheap and broke and don’t want to pay for a pre-made one.

So far I’ve been able to create both paintable landscape materials with grass types and slope-reactive landscape materials, but not a single material that combines both of those concepts. I’m assuming I need to make a couple layered materials, but I’m not sure if that’s the direction I need to be heading in.

Does anyone have any tutorials or any advice they can give here that can help me accomplish this?

Thanks in advance!

My Height/Slope/Dynamic/Modular/Paintable Landscape Material (Or what I like to call it, AwesomeMat) :stuck_out_tongue:

I just need to mask this landscape and it should be ready to receive grass inputs (hopefully…)
Its a 3 step modular system Main (Weight ordering)> Modules (Angle/Height Placement, Masking)> Material (Textures, Texture Variation, Distance Blending, Fuzzy/Frenel Shading(?))

I only have a few textures ATM for my fantasy environment and I couldn’t afford to be picky, planning on replicating the WorldGrid Material to represent certain surfaces so I can at least complete the list of modules I have planned)

Busy learning the art of 2d Texturing so probably won’t return to my project for a while but here are a list of resources I referred to during the creation process:


As for tutorials or releses Highly probable I’ll post up a tutorial covering everything about landscape materials as I’ll be the first to admit the documentation is lacking, as for my material, highly unlikely :stuck_out_tongue: