Looking for someone that can tutor me on Unreal Engine.

Looking for someone that can tutor me on Unreal Engine.
I am a teacher and would like to teach my students.

Please let me know


is this job paid or un paid

Hi rudydiaz18

Epic is the best Tutor:

  1. In-game Content Examples Available in the Learning Section of the Launcher.
  2. Primer UnrealEngine Video Tutorials.
  3. Advanced Live Training Videos on UnrealEngine YouTube Channel.
  4. UnrealEngine Documentation Search.
  5. Answered Questions on the Hub.


I’ve used these resources to tutor myself. Now I’m creating Fun stuff like:

You have a whole community here that can be tapped for info…

Good Luck to You.

TechLord @

TechLord I’m quite surprised that there is anyone who thinks Epic is the best Tutor, their videos are never updated, often misleading, and usually a big waste of time :(. Usually it’s easier to learn from the source code than from those. Anyway Rudy, are you planning to teach them C++ or blueprints, or both? If you have a choice, and want to teach your students to make simple games I’d say go with Unity, they have better tutorials, and it’s easier to learn.
If it’s not an option I can tutor you (and in Unity as well).

PS I can recommend my favourite source of tutorials for UE4:

Matthew’s YouTube is pretty awesome too. I personally enjoy Epic Tutorials and focus on the ‘good’ parts. Their Tutorials add value to my Game Dev in one form or another, even if its a good laugh. Ultimately, my point is its a good place to for self help and there are several places to get questions answered from the community.

TechLord @

Hello Rudy,

If you want to learn some basic features really fast I can help you.

I already manage few friends to use unreal engine 4 and they didn’t got any knowledge in game development.

We could talk about that if you are interesting.

PM me if you want my help.

Website to contact me on Discord :

My personal project :