Looking for some tutorials on Revit to 3DS to UE4 workflow with an architectural preference.

Hey there,

I am looking for some starting points or best practices in getting my designs into UE4 (I’m sorry, google hasn’t been so kind to me)
and I figured this was the best place to ask for some expert advice.

Currently I handle my material work in Revit, make lighting or slight textural adjustments in 3DS and render it there and then in Mentalray.
I feel like I am out of my depth at the moment as UE4 requires some additional knowledge like UV mapping and maybe some other aspects
I am currently unaware of and have to get to grips with.

Would any of you recommend that I learn 3DS max in it’s entirety or is that a bit drastic if I only need to tweak my model in 3DS?

I know of people in a similar situation to me and would probably appreciate the help too!

Thank you.

So far using the TS Tools pluginfor max has been a life saver. My current workflow from Revit to UE is to export an .fbx from Revit, import it into Max. Inside Max I’ll remove any geometry that’s unnecessary & then UV Unwrap each mesh as recommended by various tutorials around. Then it’s just a matter of using TS Tools as instructed and you’ll reasonably quickly have everything up & running in UE.

What a brilliant plug-in and response! Thank you very much.

Time to get stuck in :smiley: