looking for some advice for a open world ocean

looking for some advice, I am looking at crating a ocean for a open world in BPs,
it will be more of a top down look, there’s some vids around on how to crated them but that doesn’t mean it’s the best way of making the ocean BP. the materials it’s self I am after a more simple look, but I can play around with it once I have to rest figured out.

really the features I an after are

  • buoyancy
  • translucency on shallow waters
  • some wave and shore line affects
    -water distortion.

I guess there would be some type of level steaming and a tessellation since it’s more of a top down view the camera will only need to focus on one part at any one time. but really I am after the most affective way of doing it (and to look the best) , I looked at the free ocean BP but I don’t know enough about C++ to jump in there and take thing out I don’t need, then again I don’t know it’s the best way of doing it. the payer will be looking at the water a lot so I do want it to look good, with real looking waves(some what)

I has a look on the marketplace to see if something can fit my needs but I am really hesitant in buying something I don’t know anything about and most of the comments where not too positive.

thanks for your time.

there is free water asset this month
and actually Epic also give away water example that I think you can find in learning section inside the Epic Games Launcher

Yah I know about these. I have looked at the Epic BP, but is this the best way to handle a open world ocean, not really the answerer I was after but thanks anyway

the water material it’s self I don’t have a problem with, it’s about setting up the BP for a large world, how to handle level steaming and or other pit falls I could come across, what’s the best way of handling the functionality of a Ocean (e.g) Buoyancy and so on) if I just want a open world landscape a lot of thing are already there, steaming landscapes, collusion for the landscape and so on. just trying to get my head around it

So the question is, what is stopping me from using a landscape at the base of the water. it seems to have a lot set Up tessellation distance reduction rather then creating a large Plane.

some advise would be good, again the Water Material itself and I have pretty much figured out the Buoyancy thing, i just advice on the Setup of a Open World Ocean,

Have you looked at the UE4 Community Ocean project? It’s open source and has most features anyone would want.

yes have got some of the wave functions from there, and I will probably use there, buoyancy system if mine dose not work, I am struggling with the Code, (I have never coded before, but I’m ok With the Rest of UE4) , I have replaced there wave functions and a few other thing with a toon water shader from the market place, for $10 I think I saved some messing around time and doesn’t look to bad for a stylized water,i think it needs a few more changes before I am fished, it is kinder hard to tell from the Pics . The trouble with theUE4 Community Ocean project, it has a lot a functionality I just don’t need. From what I can tell from looking at it, it is very intertwined with each other so deleting parts or trying to change it would just end up aa big mess and I would probably have to start again anyway, or I can have all this functionally sitting in the background not doing anything ( do anyone think that would be a problem?), I was also going to ask them on how to make a simpleized version of it but I doubt they will help that much do to they are doing it in there spare time