Looking for silhouette material


I have to create a couple of materials for an STP visualization project on unreal, to show the silhouette on a mesh.

I don’t know anything about materials, so I’m more lost than a penguin in a desert.

From a mesh like this:

The first material would be to show the silhouette along with the mesh:

And the next would be to show just the silhouette:

Could someone help me with some indication of how to get this in unreal or if it already exists somewhere?

Thanks in advance.

If you want to do this a runtime, you’ll have to fake it.

You can make a material that ‘looks’ like the wireframe, but is not the actual wireframe.

In this video they use a “grid material” that does not detect any edges to make the silhouette.
Since what I am doing requires seeing the silhouette as any STP viewer would, it is not what I am looking for.

Is there no way to detect the edges to make the silhouette?

Thank you very much for your answer anyway.

Naturally in UE you have wireframe view, but that’s not a run time thing.

What is STP?

STEP files
I was referring to 3D CAD viewer applications

I know that UE4 uses the triangulation, I have the wireframe material working in fact, but the silhouette that I need is not the same as the wireframe triangulation.