looking for shattered glass material tutorial

hi, as i wrote in the title, i’m looking for a shatter glass material tutorial, tried to make it already using masks but i didn’t succeed.

anyone can point me to a good tutorial or give some tips to achieve this ?

thanks in advance for all the help.

Best way to do that kind of thing is decals:

thanks for the info, but if anyone has a tutorial for this kind of material, i’m still in need one.

That pack is free…

i know tha pack is free, but i need the material to use it on a game template i want to sell on the ue4 marketplace, i can’t use any package from the marketplace, even if they are free.

Right, but you can take a look at how it works, and incorporate ideas…

i figure it out, looking some videos from layered material, thanks for the help.

bumping, but mind sharing some knowledge on what you’ve gathered? :slight_smile: