Looking for private class of UE4 in Barcelona or USA

i’m a 38 years old designer and UE4-user with a lot of limits and a lot of question about how to use UE4 in Design world.
I’ve already make some little architectural projects with, but the quality is not so high.
I`ll be really happy to find someone that can give to me some private class (of course i’ll pay for).
I live in Barcelona so it’ll be perfect to find someone other there but if it’s not possible i’m planning to come to California or NY in summer to find some good teacher and have private class (and fun… i’ve never be there and it’s a perfect excuse to visit USA).
Official courses or summer camps are intresting too but remember that i’m not a programmer and i need first to be able to create real-time rendering (with some animations or action, of course). Is Epic organizing something like that?

this link is my last project… you 'll understand why i need a help!
(please don’t use this video, is a private project)

if some really good with unreal engine 4 can be interested to teach me please contact-me at