Looking for people using FleX


I have been developing with FleX for a few days and today I was looking to solve some doubts respecting the fluid use in there, but I found that there’s not that much anything about people working with it on the internet. Is there someone here that is successfully integrating it into their project? I would really like to connect with some other people so that there can be feedback about it.

Currently I’m trying to understand how to create a material that works with Flex but so far I haven’t gotten any good results although I do understand a good part of how it is supposed to work and have fiddled here and there.

I’ve done some work with FLEX, mainly as experimentation more than actual implementation. Here is an example of my Flex Fluid (Created from scratch):

It looks really cool have you tried filling something with a fluid?

Like a water balloon? I tried to do that once, I was able to get the fluid inside a soft body, but only with a small amount, you can spawn a flex fluid emitter using a shape, it just doesn’t work as well as the flex demos at this time.

I was thinking more like an aquarium, a balloon sounds difficult though.

The same goes for an aquarium, you can spawn fluid based on a shape. Look at the Sand Castle test in the main NVIDIA branch, just use a cube/rectangle matching the size of the aquarium, but as I said, it doesn’t work as well as the flex demos at this time.

Hey have you tried to create an own flex component in a c++ codeproject? I would like to build a Flexcomponent similar to the flexrope but as soon as i want to use FPhysScene functions for flex like GetFlexContainer i get an LNK2019 error.

No I havent, but I suspect you need to add the necessary PhysX/APEX libraries to your build.cs, refer to this Wiki entry by Rama on how to do so: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

Thanks for your reply, i have already done this tutorial. Still got no access to the FFlexContainerInstance. If I want to create an own FlexComponent with some special behaviour I need access to the container functions.

Maybe someone has an idea how to make an own flexRope Class, or how to manipulate particles of an flexActor.

At least it would be helpful to know how to access for example the DebugDraw() method from a FFlexContainerInstance from a own c++ class.

In the FLEX branch from NVIDIA there are some example maps that show you how to set a lot of this up.

If you mean those flexMixeedTestmap, flexFluidTestMap etc., ive already investigated those. I am able to create new flex content inside the editor and play around with container parameters.

What I need is to create a complete new class which builds up a flexActor and also grants access to the flexContainer with its particles etc.

FlexRopeComponent is a good example, but when create a similar class and try to get an FFlexContainerInstance, I cant use its functions. Getting an LNK2019 error.

I finally got water inside a container!! took me a while to set up. Now I have more doubts!

First off how do I change the color of the fluid?, I have been trying different approaches with no success.

And secondly where do I go if I want to limit the quantity of particles without breaking something, I’m guessing the container is the right choice but could the Emitter have something to do?

How can you make the container itself a liquid like a balloon. Trying to figure out how to do this for a game with a gelatinous rolling ball that squeezes in for example, when it hits the ground, just like jello dropped on the floor would