Looking for networked room space movement solution

Hey folks,

I’ve been having a hard time coming up with a way to convert a player’s live action room space movement into controller inputs so that they can be handled through the CharacterMovement.

My thinking was that if, per tick, you find the difference in location of the headset in it’s space, you can divide that by delta time, then divide that again by max walk speed to get a scale value that would be suited for the Add Movement Input node, but I’m having a hard time resolving for rotation.

I am aware of third party plug-ins that are designed for this purpose, but I’m trying to avoid using them. I’d really like to keep the input as simple as possible so I can take advantage of ue4’s network prediction elements (I’m not a professional programmer at all and the weeds get thick on me fast).

Thanks for any help you guys have to offer!