Looking for Movement/Teleport tutorial!

I’ll start off by saying that I am VERY new to Unreal. I am looking for a good tutorial on how to set up teleportation and movement with the Oculus Touch stick.

Basically looking to use the right stick for “click and teleport” and the left stick for “walking around”.

So far I have been able to find a few tutorials on youtube, but they have been very lackluster and haven’t been able to help me at all.
I have the camera and controllers both in and working (well… they exist in the world and are moved around by the headset and touch controllers) and that’s as far as I have been able to get.

If you’re able to help me out, or point me int he right direction it would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Josh,
welcome to VR with UE4!

Here are few pointers to get your started:

You can study the standard VR template which comes with Unreal Engine 4. It contains a full implementation of teleportation. Honestly it is not really straightforward to understand since it uses motion controllers spawned at runtime and interfaces, plus generating the fancy teleportation “arc” has a lot of nuances to it. Maybe it would be easier to look into Mitch’s VR content examples here: GitHub - mitchemmc/VRContentExamples: Unreal Engine 4 community VR content examples There are three examples specifically on teleportation with linked YouTube tutorials (see the description on github).

Thumbstick locomotion
For this one you can look at the standard First Person template which has basic VR capabilities. To activate the use of the Motion Controllers you need to open the FirstPersonCharacter BP and set to True the Using Motion Controllers? variable. Additionally, to add rotation movement with the Right Thumbstick, you need to open Project Settings –> Input and add MotionController (R) Thumbstick X to the Turn Rate axis mapping:

You can also refer to this YouTube tutorial I have recently released, which is based on the Third Person template and implements a full thumbstick based locomotion (along with a couple of more advanced features like VR body with arm Inverse Kinematic): Super-easy VR body with Arm IK and thumbstick locomotion - Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - YouTube

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask again here if you get stuck.


Awesome! Thank you very much Marco! Sorry for the double post, it did not show my post at all.