Looking for Mask (RGB) node in UE 4.20.


This may be a newbie request, but…

I just want to make a simple material to use with a post process volume. In the tutorial I am watching about a possible inventory system, this is part of the material BP the author shows to highlight a mesh when the player/character is near the mesh in question. But the guy in the tut is using a previous version of UE4. I use 4.20. I am looking for the equivalent to what he has here as the node indicated with the red arrow. Mask(RGB)? It doesn’t show up in my search, and I assume it has been changed somewhere along the line to v4.20.
Also, what might I plug into the alpha input of the lerp to make it work? A node and value for the node is what I think I am looking for. What he has to plug into that is a very long and complex BP section that I don’t want or need… it emulates cel shading. All I want is anything that will let me know there is interaction taking place between the player/char and the item.

I appreciate any help.



Ok. Why won’t this compile?
How do I fix it?

All I am trying to do is highlight a mesh the character is looking at. Don’t care if it turns it purple! Just something to indicate it is the mesh currently selectable.