Looking for help with Lean controlling

Hi, I’m thinking about how I am going to get the players to use their characters with my game. I get simulator sickness when sitting down and using the walking with a xbox controller. And the other day I tried standing up, and using a controller and it was better. But I tended to lean while in motion (to keep balance while in motion). I have seen videos of some unity games with the lean added. So I though, maybe if I added the lean motion for moving the character around instead of the joystick. but to trigger the lean have it set to a button on the controller to turn it on. So the player can still walk and look around like normal.

If anyone knows of any reference to documentation on how to implement this or if someone has already implemented it, please post a reply, as others maybe interested it the same thing but for other type of games where leaning is part of controlling a vehicle (motorcycle, hang glider, skydiving).

Hi seandennis, i did implement this control method in UE4, you can try a demo and read a long explanation here:

As for the exact implementation details, these couple of posts i wrote a while back should get you started:

Having said that, obtaining the neck position should be much easier soon, as Oculus just provided access to this info directly through blueprints in their latest experimental UE4 branch, something that wasn’t possible before.

I think it’s still not implemented on the standard UE4 release though (haven’t checked the 4.8 preview yet, maybe it’s already in there).

Hope this helps.

Thank you Patimpatam, I will go through them.

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