Looking for feedback on my VR Experience [Synthetic Dreams]

Hello, I’ve been working on a small solo project (on and off) for about a year now. I had the “Big Announce” last month during the October MegaJam. In the post I left a link to a google form where people could leave me feedback. I did not get a single response.

This is a project I fully intend to move forward with, improving and growing it over the coming years to accommodate advances in VR tech.

I’ve set out to create a universe. (INTRO) Also, I wanted to create a type of biography/resume (ABOUT)

Only my close friends have seen this, so really any sort of commentary or feedback is helpful. Thank you.

Download here:

Recap of my unreal game jams:

Feel free to PM me direct, but for anonymous feedback:

(Please do not move this thread to WIP section, it is meant only for VR)

Hi Alexotronic

Mind doing a review of my VR game and I do a review/feedback of yours?

I have a demo of around 2 minutes long so it wouldn’t take up too much of your time. Although the review bit might.

If you are interested, please PM me!
(If you are agreeable I’ll review your experience first)

Synthetic Dreams has launched on!

Thank you Klexian for your interest and feedback.

I’ve just uploaded a demo version on the page.

The demo contains some new stuff, and I’ve locked out the “ABOUT” section (Getting to know me more intimately should be reserved for supporters?)

Maybe you will try it. anonymous feedback link above is still active!

Onward - to 2016

I’ll try it. Downloading now and will give some honest feedback.

Wow that was really good. I have to be honest I wasn’t expecting much but that was interesting. I can’t say much without spoiling the experience but I will say this, obviously my favorite part was the void but I wouldn’t be afraid to add more narration to the whole experience.

Hey Alex, great to see your project launched!

I’ll get it this weekend:) Hope to see it on CV1 too