Looking for C++/Blueprints programmer. ($600 Per section)

Hello, looking for a programmer for Unreal Engine.

If you are interested, please E-mail me at

The project is quite big and ambitious but I believe it will be possible.

Payment will be $600 for every section/part completed in the process via Paypal or Bank transfer.

Over $1000 worth of assets will be provided for.

For basic introduction -

The game will be a 1st/3rd person Survival MMORPG.

I want to take a lot of systems from different games.
I will show A LOT of references.

This is the basic foundation that I want for the game -

Section One

  • Realistic First person/Third person character controller.
  • Basic player vitals.
  • Grid inventory system.
  • Weapons and tools system.

Section Two

  • XP and resources system.
  • Status and level system.
  • Construction and base building system.
  • Network replicated (Multiplayer)

Section Three

  • Clans/Factions system.
  • NPC’s and missions system
  • PVP and PVE system
  • Loot system

This is the basic foundation that will be needed. In total, you will be paid $1800.

Further development will be needed.

Looking for someone who is passionate about gaming and wants to work closely together to make something unique.

Thank you.

Unfortunately what you are asking for and what you offering as payment is not proportional. What will end up happening is either you get a rookie that will give you a sub-standard product or an actual scammer. The player vitals I could do in a few minutes but the inventory system would take me two or three days which would run $1100-$1600 ($70 an hour, 8 hours a day) for that alone. MMORPG style networking would take me at least three months (it is not the same as something like Fortnite) which is another $50,000 and even then it would require additional support as testing occurs.

I agree with Jinc on this. For what you are offering you won’t get a serious programmer.

I think your best bet would be to take something like this: MMO Starter Kit - Unreal Engine Forums

And pay someone to build upon this/change what you need to at least create a basic prototype.

@order66 and @Jinc I appreciate the advice, I’m only really looking for a basic foundation nothing crazy. Hence per section, I’m not looking for someone/something high end.

You cannot code low end or high end, you can only make code that works or does not.
Problem with your sections is that it is MMORPG. For that to even happen one must code backend first, then some basic functionality for server side.
Unreal Engine is there only to display results of what happens on server. Without working server code (at least basic one) there is nothing to do in unreal for mmorpg.

Your “Basic foundation” is about what is needed for proof of concept project to get some investors. And really $1800 may be just enough for coffee budget for developers on such project.
Just google what was budget of any mmorpg, its at least 3 zeros more. Lets say vertical slice or prototype would take 20% of that, that would be 360000$ and work for several developers.

If this is your first game, do not waste that cash on mmorpg, go for something really small, no multiplayer, some mobile game.
Get coder, buy assets or commission them. Create game, release it. Get experience about what it takes to develop, test and release game.
And remember you are not making any cash on your first game, you are getting experience. So for next game you have idea what is possible.

This is chicken and egg problem. Anybody that can code what you need, knows how much work it is. Therefore that person will not agree to do it for 1800$.
Anybody that will agree, have no idea about size of task, also probably has no idea how to code it.

I agree with the other people’s comments that it is way to ambitious and far from doable with the budget.

Sent you a PM with an offer to re-design the current project to be singleplayer and doable with a budget of 2500-3500$ to create a working prototype (since you say you have 1000$ budget on assets)