Looking for Blueprint Programmer

Project Title:
The Civilian


Futuristic based open world multiplayer, with real life based concept. There are already games in development which are real life based, but no futuristic based real life games.
So it will be one of a kind.

We have finally started the development of the game. I will be updating you guys with pictures of the content.

Talent Required:
<Blueprint Programmer>
<3D Character Artist>
<3D Artist> In rush!
<Concept Artist>
<Website Creator>**

The Team

Mada - Project Manager / Forums
MCaddict - C++/ Blueprint Programmer


Website + Forum will be created when the team will be complete.


You should write a bit more about project. Also:

What do you need?

Thread Updated!

I have some good experience with blueprints and project management. You can check my YouTube channel in my signature.

I have send you an email. Thanks for your interest in this project.

Sounds quite ambiguous. You should clarify this. Also if you don’t intend to pay anyone at the moment, this thread should be marked as [Unpaid] and not as [Paid].

Well in a way it’s still payed, even not I can’t pay for everyone. I was thinking to give all the information in private, that’s why I kept it simple here.

Pay want to update the title of the thread. Since it seems you aren’t looking for a blueprinter

I already have found a blueprinter, that’s why i have deleted it from the thread.

I get that, but thats the only reason i viewed this thread. May want to update it as your studio name, looking for talent or something.