Looking for ARPG Creators

exo powertech.rtf (139.0 KB)

Hello I’m looking for experts in Action RPGs creating and no not souls-like games just a good old ARPG the game I’m presenting is called Exo Powertech an open-world third-person ARPG adventure inspired by the one in the list in the RTF
file and I’m a naughty dog fan which inspired me the most to make this game this is a freelancer request since I am a big idea guy but if anyone will accept this we can split the profit okay

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and I will send more details and we can discuss creative liberties

Banuk classic tribal clothes
Banuk ears

Brotherhood defender armor and helmet

this some of the things that the world of Exo Powertech look like and we can share details on discord

and yes i did not create these art images this what some of the things of Exo PowerTech look like

What can you do apart from generating ideas?

Also, no one will even remotely consider this if you do not follow the template and provide at least some basic info / structure: