Looking for a tutor on Game Design , dyscalculia friendly 72 USD a Week

I’m looking for someone to teach me how to create and (will within the confines of the contract)

  1. Reload Animations
  2. Level Creation
  3. Character Design
  4. Remake levels I loved growing up
  5. Create Characters and Guns in a certain level environment
  6. Teach me how to do gib
  7. Teach me the basics and other areas of unreal
  8. Have a planned out and effective tutoring system
  9. Understand my multiple medical conditions
  10. Do the tutoring on my time on a weekly period
  11. Be totally professional
  12. Teach how to make the Weapons
  13. Teach me how to make or where to get the sounds I need

Hey Dude,

If you’re still looking for someone, then I’m available.

In relation to 1), you are meaning, retargetting animations, yes?

Anyway, please ping me back, if you’re interested.

All the best and stay safe,


Just send me a discord id bro


Can anyone here , specially do modelling. Like , well ?? Along with all the other stuff I just mentioned ?



Also you will not be paid if you simply shrug your shoulders at not knowing modelling or insult my kidney stone disorder

For any future people who want this gig I am paying you 72 dollars weekly, that is a massive sum of money if you act like this ■■■■ you will not be hired. do not act like a smart alec or I will terminate your employment as my tutor Immediately.

I hope I am clear

For anyone actually interested who understands the value of how much I’m offering contact me at


I will not reply to thread posts, only invites to my acc

There will also be a contract upon entry

Hey, UE communitiy. Don’t F with this. Just back out and don’t look back. Do not message this person.

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Just for the record, calling you out with viable lingual within the asserted context for being inept towards your eventual payment is bad. Though your mods making memetic trump jokes under there profiles or using pepe profile pictures which is considered a hate symbol by the anti defamation league is okay?

Perhaps teach what you preach, emphasizing I don’t preach this. You did in your post earlier.

One of your mods offered me tutorials and didn’t even know what dyscalulia was, your all shysters putting on a show about ethics and morale high-ground when all you want is someones money. This isn’t about and was never about to begin with standards of any kind

I would advise all people to stay away from this. I chatted with this person and we struck up an agreement. It was then that I learned that he has no PC and stated he would get one several months down the road. He constantly speaks of war and killing, fascinated with combat and death. I myself served in Special forces and I explained to him that it’s nothing cool or glorious about it. He flooded out chat daily with photos and political views. Then he mentioned that he had some medical issues and I stated that they were hereditary. He became very upset and stopped communicating. For some reason he took great offense to the fact that diet, weight and genetics all play a part in any medical issues. Overall he seems quite strange and I am now certain that he could probably not be taught to do anything within Unreal as far as programming or materials creation, let alone modeling or animation. All I can say is do not waste your time with this one.

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My experience with Wushu12 posting for the very first time:

Can’t recommend.

You literally said my kidney stone disorder was because I was fat you sicko, back off

(as is said here)

(Edit) to the gentleman I’m replying to, it apparently seems I’ve misunderstood your post and cannot delete my replies through my posts.

With the msg remaining in the thread after it is deleted as a piece of text referring to my post having been deleted after my edit in section underneath tabs. Though I care very little if you do, or do not comprehend or understand my thread which sadly gained little attention over it’s concept though I leave that to Fyodor Dostoevsky

I never said that. I stated in general that weight, diet and genetics are all factors in having kidney stones. That was stated before you mentioned that you were overweight. I have never met you and knew nothing about you. The only reason anyone would know you are overweight is if you told them. So I am not sick, You can literally read about all of this stuff on the internet. So while I am sorry you have the disorder I was not making fun of you or trying to insult you. You took offense at a generalized statement. That is your problem not mine. I have noticed that so many young people of your generation take such offense at the slightest thing. Grow some thicker skin and stop putting words in people’s mouth.