Looking for a team so we can learn gamedevelopment together

Im looking for a team that wants to join me learn unreal engine. Im working in a big branding company in Norway and millions of people has seen my creations on tv so I think im up for the task. (I know design very well… I mainly want to nail the art of blueprints) I also own a studio so the music part want be an issue. I know the power of teamwork, and therefor i want to get people on the team so we can learn this together.

I dont care about age or experience either, as long as your eager to learn and willing to reach your goals, your in!

Please feel free to contact me here, on skype “benjaminlauritsen” or email “

Regars, Benjamin

im in. i have little to no experience with maya or blender. but im pretty knowledgable in Zbrush even though i learn something new everyday. i also have a game idea that could be a AAA title if done right

Im in. I have experience in C++ (not yet with UE though) and i have done some little bits in blueprints. And i know my way around blender but i’m not a great art creator. I won’t have much time the next 2 weeks tho (exams), but after that il be able to work 1-3 hours a day (during school) and 3-10 hours a day during non-school days.

Sorry for spelling errors, my native langauge isn’t English.

I am excited to get into game design and currently have experience with UDK, TES Construction set, and Blender. I am looking for a good group to be a part of. I am interested to hear more about your project or see what you have so far.

maybe we can join up together

Sure, but for that we should get some better communication going on, like a chat or so and start on working on an idea. I have sent sonnysoncere and Jackson Gordon a friend request on the epic launcher.

If you’re ready to nail the art of Blueprints. Firstly, Set up integrated Source Control A.S.A.P, preferably Perforce. Secondly, acquire and install the UE4 Launcher, Goto to the LearnSection and download the Content Examples Project (and other Engine Feature Examples). Then we’re ready to rock!
Be prepared to Reference BP Documentation frequently til you get the hang of it.

I’m in. My dream always was to be a game developer. And i’m eager to learn about UE4, and it would be good to be part of a team so we could learn together and share our knowledge.
I know some basics of blueprints. I am a fast learner. Hope my age is not a problem :slight_smile:

We should form one big community team of newbies, and make a project all together, with complete source control and stuff.

Would be an awesome experience gaining oppurtunity, don’t you think so?

Feel free to add me, another beginner, in Epic Launcher by the same name as here.

Hello Tebgarta.

What’s your strong point in game development industry? I mean, what are you capable of doing the best? (e.g. 3D artist, programmer etc)

You can count on me! I’m everyday trying to learn more about the blueprints, as a begginer i’m lovin this opportunity.

Nick, well, I have no skills or potential in art side whatsoever. I know some stuff about c++ and I try to start understanding the API, but for now, I am just fiddling around the engine, trying to learn everything from a high level perspective first. I am watching the video tutorials made by Epic. After I get a grasp on all the features, I will really start fiddling with the API.

My offer was just for learning purposes, since honestly, I am not capable of doing much now. It’s been 2 weeks since I downloaded the engine, and before that I had no experience whatsoever apart from small modding projects on various games.

Im in too. My experiences:

  • Basic testing in UDK
  • Basic testing in UE4 (Since free version)
  • 15 month C++
  • About 7 years webdeveloping
  • A bit more than basic 3ds max knowledge (coming from game modding)

Alright then we should start with getting an idea for a game/project to work on.

Hello everyone!
I’m Iceey. My experience with Unreal Engine so far is 2 weeks of getting to know with UE documentation. I tried making animations for 3d models, programming basic actors and pawns, blueprint scripting and making textures with normal maps. After I realized I’m not made for animating I decided to stick to programming in C++. Besides I have about 2 years of experience in C++, made a few very simple games in 2D using SFML and SDL frameworks and almost 760 hours in Source SDK. I’d like to find a group of people ready to help eachother and create a game together. Ready to chat on Epic Games Launcher chat - Iceey or on Steam - Clicky.

I would like to set up a mendix project if you people are ok with it, it’s software (browser based so no installation required but registration is required (i think, never used it before)) which you can find here:

I have made a steam group to make communication easier, send me your steam id and i’l send you an invite, if you have an idea for something to work on you can post it there and we will vote for each idea.

Wow, I really like the momentum of this group.

Me too, I always lusted for such a community. We shouldn’t let this die, we need to communicate better, either join Zeldhoron’s Steam Group* or we should form something in Google+ or Skype, Epic Chat is no good.

*Send me or Zeldhoron your Steam ID’S via PM here and we shall invite you, since Zeldhoron made it invite-only.

Words of encouragement at this point. I would also urge keeping the communication within the UE4 Forums. Start-ups of this nature tend to rapidly deteriorate once leaving the Mothership. Additionally, the Forum has World-wide Persistence, Supported by Epic, Accessed by Experienced Game Devs who can offer invaluable advice and New Game Devs who can learn from the discussion or join.

I like labels :slight_smile: Has a Team/Project Name been determined? Has a decision been made on Game Genres and Themes?