Looking for a team so we can learn gamedevelopment together

Sorry if I wasn’t clear, I didn’t want to leave the mothership, just a more comfortable platform for attendees to chat and discuss the details. Of course the group would keep deep presence here. I am just complaining about Epic Launcher’s chat. It needs some improvements.

Not much has been determined, though in the steam group (of three people yet) some FPS ideas were discussed. Nothing set in stone.

In addition to what Trebgarta said.
There’s 5 people in total at the moment. I also added a discussion recently where we can share GitHub or any other source control repositories. This allows us to quickly see someone’s published work and browse the code to learn something.

We’re currently waiting on response of someone (for one more day) then we wil decide which project idea we will go with and set up source control to start working. We moved the general communication (talking about the project, saying hi, discussion things, and so on) to steam to track everything better, in UE forums stuff like ideas etc would dissapear in the stream of posts and so on, once we have started we will create a thread in the WIP section of the forum to tell evryone about our project & ask for help and so on. At the moment we have 6 people and 3 ideas that we could work on. If you are intrested (to join or to give advice or to take a look, anything at all) you can still join (and later on also) by sending me a message on the UE forums with your steam id.

i am from torque 3d forum. now moving to ue4.
although i am still very new in ue4.
but as a programmer i have worked in 2 MMO and several torque 3d and unity based project.
once I get familiar with ue4 then i also will be able to help as ue4 programmer.
both on gameplay and engine side coding.

Hello, I am interested in joining your team. I have done some network&HUD programming in unity + a few tiny C++ and C# apps. Currently I’m learning BP but I already have some experience with flowgraphing in CE3, so I do believe that it won’t take long till I will be able to work with it fluently. After that I would like to learn more of the API since I also really want to use C++ :slight_smile:

Hello, I am interested in joining your team. I have done some network programming in unity + a few tiny C++ and C# apps. Currently I’m learning BP but I already have some experience with flowgraphing in CE3, so I do believe that it won’t take long till I will be able to work with it fluently. After that I want to learn the API since I really want to use C++ :slight_smile:

Send me your steam id and i will add you to the team :slight_smile:

done… check your pms, please :slight_smile:

I love to make shading, atmosphere and light. So if I can join it would be nice. I have problems with my internet though. So steam is not working (because of IPv6), but skype is. I’ll send you a pm Zeldhoron.

I am new to development but I have a lot of knowledge with audio. Please add me on unreal: elijahlucian or email me:

I like labels Has a Team/Project Name been determined? Has a decision been made on Game Genres and Themes?

If no solid project has been determined, my recommendation would be to develop a powerful in-game editing suite with multi-user support. The editor I propose would support the assembly and customization of [FONT=Courier New]Characters/Faces, Armor, Complex and simple Weapons, Vehicles, Machines, Architecture, Structures, Furniture Props, Trees, hybrids. This Application could serve as a UE4 inter-ware for handling player customization and entity prefabrication in UE4 Games/Arch-viz, Film-production, or… as Creation Game in itself. A majority of the boiler-plate Blueprints such as Mouse Interactivity can be found in Content Examples. The advantage to developing such a project is that it would be useful in any Game.

greetings! - I’m currently trying to assemble a team to start getting into UE4 together as well (as many others here) however - I think we could maybe team up, throw the ressources together and learn from each other and from the overall experience of creating such a project. As of now, I am open to any and all project ideas and would do my best to drive it towards completion, regardsless of genre.

I have hands-on games industry experience, professional QA and 3years as a freelance webdesigner. I’d like to step in as a Product/Project Manager with secondary skills to create blueprints, level & game design. In addition, I’d like to offer the team access to various project management and collaboration tools in the cloud, used by industry professionals, which I have licensed for a small to medium sized team.

Just send me a PM if you’d like to talk a bit more about teaming up :slight_smile:

  • Cheers, Wrongway

Hi all,
any progress here?

Count me in! I`ll contact you in skype today!

Hi Guys,

I am wondering if you guys are still looking for project contributors. If so, I would like to learn a bit more about your project. Here is a little bit about me:

Education: Bachelor of Business Admin (project management major)

  • Professional experience in Project management & marketing
  • 3 years of C++ (1 year of UE4 C++)
  • 1 year experience with UE4 (C++, blueprints, AI, materials, etc)
  • Some Maya rigging & skin weighting experience using UE4 ART tool - I have taken 2 mesh models, added skeletons, skin weighted, and applied animations to them
  • Experience with team management & using productivity tools

I see myself acting as a producer for this project. Not just because I have PM experience, but because I have knowledge surrounding art, programming and design. I believe in highly collaborative projects and I like to facilitate this with a team of capable members. I can help keep the project on track, manage scope, gather reqs and create critical pieces like GDDs. I also love to program, so I can assist with C++, blueprints & UE4 design if needed.

Let me know if I sound like someone you need.

Thanks for your time,

There is a 3 threads of the same topic as this one on forum already, they started good but now frozen. Anyways, whoever wants to learn together feel free to skype me: pavlik-245.

Whats everyone working on? I’m interested in contributing and working in a team on a not quite so large project and who knows can work on future projects as well. I’m mostly a Unreal hobbyist and been making only game demos but want to make a half decent full game.

Check out my Youtube channel I have two game demo.

Here is my latest demo fad which was a PvP network game. (the video is set to unlisted but you can watch it through this link)

August Game Jam anyone?

hey guys i would be willing to hop on this learning wagon as well…I have a degree in game design and development. I have mainly played in Unity and have dabbled in UDK back in the day. I would love to get into a group that are serious enough to get things done…but flexible to allow a life outside of the mother ship…count me in!!

PM me the details and add me to launcher chat

Hello I’m a new 3d animator using blender as my main stay I would like to try out, and gain experience for game develoment