Looking for a Seamless Material

Hi there,

I’m looking for a “seamless material” anyone know any tut or whatever?

what i want is something like or

I follow the doc in ue4 and create a very simple material, but i don’t think that’s the correct way to do it.

And the result was:

Any ideas?

Seamless materials, you make them from seamless textures. And you make seamless textures in photoshop or gimp.

However there is some tiny but not cheap, but has demo. Filter for photoshop (can also work standalone).
It is called filter forge. You can make a bunch of nice seamless textures. However they are usually for web pages,
so if you want good game quality ones you need to work more on those from filterfroge. But they are great as base
for new texture or for development while you need some placeholder until you make real good quality ones.

Also with filterforge i would recommend crazy bump, or awesome bump for creating normal maps.

When you more advanced in mater of textures you can get alleghoritmic products.

Short version:
To make textures for games i recommend:
alleghoritmic substance painted and designer ,
filter forge + photoshop or gimp ,

It’s working correctly as far as I can tell.
You have bright surface due to natural specular reflection and you have distorted texture on the side due to projection from the top.
Check out this Tri-planar mapping tutorial or visit Feedback thread from my signature, I think you may find this interesting(Sorry for shameless plug :p)

I see problem was uv mapping, so ignore my post then. :smiley: