Looking for a good laptop

On Saturday, my primary development machine bit the dust. Unfortunately, I needed a laptop. Not next week, not three days…now.
I was scanning the 'Net for the best laptops currently on the market. My requirements for a replacement laptop were simple: Intel I7, 16GB of RAM, and a pretty beefy SSD (Solid State Drive). That’s it. What good laptop do you recommend to me?
Give priority to Lenovo Yoga 900-13ISK, this article says it is good. Review: Lenovo Yoga 900-13ISK | DanylkoWeb

Depends on how much money you have to spend.

Also depends on what you mean by “development”. I’m assuming because your posting on the Unreal forums you mean game development. If that’s the case, I’ve heard that the more cores your CPU has the better. Based on experience I can personally vouch for this. It helps reduce down time when doing builds. As for higher clock speed…well, I think it’s obvious to get as high you can. However if I had the choice between more cores, or higher clock speed I’d go for more cores.

Also, keep in mind, upgrading RAM on a laptop isn’t easy. So getting a decent amount to start with is probably a good idea. Unreal Engine gobbles up RAM, so I’d say at least 16 gigs. Hope that helps a little!

If your budget is under 500 dollars then you can get some best laptops with an Intel Core i5 processor along with SSD storage listed here:-

But if you have budget of 1000 dollars, then you can check some best i7 laptops here:-

Depending on your budget I would recommend a Predator gaming laptop. It might end up running you around a thousand dollars, but it would be able to do whatever you needed it too If you have a big budget I would also highly recommend a Northwest Falcon gaming laptop. Both the DRX or the TLX would be more that powerful enough, but those are very expensive. The TLX is cheaper but starts around 2500.

There is already a thread like that.
Laptop is never an option. Go for pc.

Personally laptop is a good option, for someone who travels like myself. I agree with Tate, the Predator Laptops are good, and have a decent price. I’ve been using the Predator Helios 300, and it has been pretty much flawless. I usually run 2 or 3 editors at once with no issues. Mind you I added 32gb of ram.

If you go for PC you get better specifications for a cheaper price. I think that buying only SSD memory is a waste of money. SSD disc can be easily damaged and it’s really hard to get your data back. In my opinion much better option is to buy a hybrid disc: SSD for your operating system and HDD for your files.

If budget is not a problem, consider the Dell Inspiron BBY-G0WD5FX.

Your not going to run ue4 on a lenovo yoga very well. There are laptops with gtx1080. Get the best processor, and gpu you can because it cant be replaced. ram and hddcan be upgraded

Hi All I am also looking for better Laptop I am already in VFX industry for long and earlier worked on Gaming too but Unreal is my new Goal for next 6 months.
Can anyone suggest which is the best laptop I can choose from currently I am checking MSI / Alienware with RTX 2070 but if any Veteran can guide me I have budget of USD 2100 (CAD 3000)
I know more cores will boost up your asset handling but Ram or any specific make of MSI / AW will help. or is RTX 2080 is necessary for professional as I am in to Background development and may be going to use Quixel and megascan asset but obvious.

Please help.

There is no doubt that the best-performing laptop is the macbook. I have been using macbooks to spike all computer brands on the market.