Looking for a Game Idea and a Development Team

I have a library with 1 terabyte of assets. I would like to make them available, maybe we can produce a Multiplayer. Maybe something like B4B or Hunt: Showdown.

Please ignore the haters below. They fail to see potential in things. Bunch of kids saying guesswork.

Feel free to send me a PM.

Hey bro!

Good luck finding your team, with that much of assets you could make the best game ever! Make an indie game, just like I do.

I know its very tempting to try to sponsor game dev projects after one realizes the waste in acquiring a gazillion assets of various designs/style etc and not using them.

I was in the same situation and contemplated over this many times. But, I also see humongous Red Flags, acknowledging the fact it opens a massive door to theft of assets.

I agree with @krisz_0325, use the assets to develop your own game ideas. If you’re like me, I acquired a gazillion assets because I had a gazillion game ideas. So I’m sure you have plenty of game ideas.

I’m developing several small game projects and one large (main) game project. All of the projects share a central repository, so all can benefit from my custom developments.

All of the game’s plot ideas have morphed over time and are based on specifically kitbashing mix/match assets together. So I’m no longer trying to make assets fit the game idea, I make the game idea fit the assets.

Here’s is a Game Plot Idea: 3D Chat + Shooter + RPG in which Digital Characters set on adventures in Archviz Worlds. Couch Knights was inspirational.

Yes you have assets, but can you do something for game? Like coding or art?

There are some problems with random assets:

  • They are usually of different styles and quality, most of them need work to be optimized for engine. Lets take animation and characters for eg. , when using different random meshes you end with each mesh having different skeleton, so each needs different anim blueprint and different animations.

  • are you sure you have rights to use them? Did you buy or create all that yourself. Even few “forgotten” and not free to use for commercial project assets may create serious trouble after release.

  • And last. You create prototype of game first, work on gameplay find what is fun. Then you pica artstyle. And then you get assets for game.

I tried to be You with zombie assets (most common characters on marketplace). I bought several zombie characters, but game looked like frankenstein game not zombie game. Even silly thing like different style of textures was very visible in prototype.

Frankenstein’s would make cool Zombies! One of my first UE4 Projects (now dead) was a Zombie Game inspired by Frankenstein. It featured Flesh Golems made of body parts powered by Electricity. Its what led to my GolemCraft Prototypes.

Maybe one day I’ll resurrect that project. LOL.


Mix that with (FAILED) kickstarter game idea:

And you may have winrar.


Wow. I actually backed that project. I’m a Super Fan For Kaiju Movies, Games, Audio Books. Hence why my main project is a Kaiju Game.. Yes it failed, but it was successful in achieving 380,000+k in backing/9300+ backers. They simply asked for too much upfront instead of incremental stretch goals.

Yes and it all was while they had half done release of Planetary Annihilation. People said “no, finish previous kickstarter”