Lookat Tracking in Sequencer

The Lookat Tracking feature in sequencer is awesome :slight_smile: However, it seems to glitch every few frames.

I do have a Blueprint actor animated through Sequencer and the camera is set to follow this Actor (it’s a cube, but hidden in game) and focus on it.

Is that the way it should / could be used? If you look at the image below, you can clearly see that some frames the camera is just doing some random motion. After 2 frames it’s gone and it’s back to normal. Version used: 4.12p4

Hey @order66,

You may want to ask over on answers.unrealengine.com to get more help with that issue if it seems like a bug. There is also another preview that has come out and you may want to try that version. There is also a tutorial video on sequencer that may help here: Working with Sequencer | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube

I hope that helps!

Hm, is there anything unusual in setup?
I have lookat tracking + simultaneous moving via cine crane and everythings works fine, without hitches