Look at target world location for hmd or camera possible?

Im sure this was more easily done in the past with dk2. I’ve been trying for hours today to get it working right and about given up searching for answers. Not sure if its steamvr or engine changes but i can’t seem to even get a simple mesh to point properly. Im trying to get a characters head bone to look at the player but it’s always wrong. :frowning:

I never got this working in the end and gave up but recently while doing another project im back searching for a solution after all this time. :frowning:

This is what i’ve found in my searches.

World coordinates for Steam VR HMD camera
HMD get orientation and position returns wrong y-value
How to get real camera position in VR mode?

Some of them do make the arrow blueprint move but none make it point at the hmd properly. I wonder if something has changed or im just doing it wrong?

I think there is a way, I’ve done alignment for other actor to be facing directly to me all the time. I don’t remember exact nodes, but I’ve done it with Camera location and messing with vectors.
If you interesting, I can look to this project and tell exactly how I made my actors to look at me when they spawning.

This turned out to be just as stupidly simple as i remembered but i had other issues going on.

Anyway here is the basic test setup using an arrow.


HTC Vive : Object to Look at You