LogUObjectBase: Warning: NULL object

Hi All,
Does anyone know where this log originates from or how to track it down? Its absolutely spamming my logs, looks as if it is being triggered on tick somewhere within my character but I cant find how to stop it! It doesn’t seem to be causing any problems or crashes but does mean that I cant use the logs anymore!

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The warning is printed when calling IsValidLowLevel and passing a NULL object as a parameter. I don’t know where this could happen inside your project, so to solve your problem you have two options: make your Object valid, or ignore the warning. Anyway you can set Verbosity of LogUObjectBase if you need to ignore this warning. In order to do this, open DefaultEngine.ini with a text editor and under the [Core.Log] section write:

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Thanks very much, just added item != NULL tests before IsValidLowLevel tests and the logs have dissipeared!

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how to track it down?

minor addition:
It’s pretty obvious, but just in case: you can set breakpoint inside of IsValidLowLevel() to see why(where of all places) it’s happening.

Also, afaik, the recommended option now is the global IsValid() function instead

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