LogOutput Device Error when packaging

Hi guys,
so when I try to launch my game in the project launcher with shipping and cooking by the book settings I get few errors and my build fails. I have tried to move my project to another file but it doesn’t work.
If anyone knows what is happening please answer
[link text][1]

102958-projectlauncher1.log (800 KB)


Could you please send me the log from this file: C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Unreal Engine\AutomationTool\Logs\C+Program+Files+Epic+Games+4.12\Cook-2016.08.15-16.10.57.txt?

Thank you!

Here it is. [link text][1]

103224-cook-2016.08.17-13.30.17.txt (1.17 MB)

Okay so I fixed my problem in the meantime. It was just problem with some bones and animation not matching

Hey and what means “problem with some bones and animation not matching” ?
I have the same error and I have absolutely no idea for what I should search / what I could try to debug.

Do you have any suggestions? What is the LogOutput Device? What does it doing?
Why is this since > 4.17 and < 4.17 everything works fine with cooking.