LogHMD: Orientation wasn't applied to a camera in frame

I’m constantly getting “LogHMD: Orientation wasn’t applied to a camera in frame” even though everything appears to be rendering properly with the Oculus DK2. It’s filling up my Output Log and I’d like it to stop. Anyone know why I’m receiving this message even though it doesn’t appear to correlate with any problem? And how I can prevent it? I would prefer a resolution other than modifying the Unreal Engine source code.


This appears to be a bug in UE.

Any attempt to call APlayerController::DeprojectScreenPositionToWorld (or more specifically ULocalPlayer::CalcSceneView) will result in a call to FOculusRiftHMD::CalculateStereoViewOffset which will result in the onerous log.

As far as I can tell, commenting out the log would be the proper solution.

Can someone from Epic provide a better resolution?

Agreed, that log should be moved to an outer context, since there are many places that can potentially call CSVO. Thanks for the report!

so is there any way I can currently avoid this?

having same issue in 4.15.3