Log Module attempted to be loaded outside main thread

Hi, I am running into a non-fatal assert error that seems to be caused by some warning message reporting code in

MaterialUniformExpressions.cpp line 397:

// gmartin: Trying to locate UE-23902
if (!Value->IsValidLowLevel())
    ensureMsgf(false, TEXT("Texture not valid! UE-23902! Parameter (%s)"), TextureParameter ? *TextureParameter->GetParameterName().ToString() : TEXT("non-parameter"));

// Do not allow external textures to be applied to normal texture samplers
if (Value->GetMaterialType() == MCT_TextureExternal)
    FText MessageText = FText::Format(
        NSLOCTEXT("MaterialExpressions", "IncompatibleExternalTexture", " applied to a non-external Texture2D sampler. This may work by chance on some platforms but is not portable. Please change sampler type to 'External'. Parameter '{0}' (slot {1}) in material '{2}'"),
        FText::FromName(TextureParameter ? TextureParameter->GetParameterName() : FName()),


The call to FMessageLog(“PIE”) attempts to load the Log module, and since this warning reporting seems to take place outside of the main thread, this triggers an assert because you cannot load the Log module outside of the main thread apparently.

I appreciate this warning being reported for the problem in my asset, however the desired behavior would be to not have the code generating the warning to itself cause an assert. Thanks!