Lods doesnt affect performace.

I have a bunch of meshes with LODs. I can see, that LODs working well in scene and editor, but performance not improving, no matter, LODs imported or not. Maybe I missed something?

Just using LODs for meshes won’t improve performance. LODs are usful for:

  1. Cutting of triangles, when you have big vistats with a lot of meshes.
  2. Cutting of materials, if you have big vistast. Far LODs usually don’t nee more than one, very simple (one texture) material.

If you have performance bottleneck I recommend checking this link:


As well as click on arrow (top left corner of Viewport) and there is Stats, submenu, and Advanced. There are various profiling stats like SceneRendering, ShadowsRendering, etc.

Yeah, right. As I can see in ProfileGPU - its not LODs. Thanks for link.

what is a vistats?
btw 404 error for that link.

I think he means “vistas.”