LOD for large terrain

Hello everyone,

First of all, my game is a top-down game, you can zoom in, turn around my player.

I am using a very large map as you can see and it has to be that big. I got an issue when my player move sometime if freeze or block the movement of my player for 0,5 second. I tough it was my staticmesh and I optimise them with 4 lod but it freez when there’s no object around.

I have tried everything, I decide to use world composition but it does not work with MMO game.
and there are a lot of bugs if you are using navinvoker, some groups recommend against using it as there are a lot of glitches and need to be rebuilt by the Epic team.

Then I tried using 4 LODs for my terrain but it screwed up my terrain texture layer, my texture goes black, even if I tried to repain it… I only need to draw what the player sees, not the whole lot.

any idea how to configure Unreal for this particular top-down game type? what would be the best frame. for optimization