LOD and reflections with 100% only baked lighting


I am working on a project in UE4 for an architectural assigment freelancing.

It is a VR in vive of an airport in full archviz quality.

They will only accept baked lighting.

Is there any way to do low cost reflections while ONLY using baked/static lighting?

How does LOD and only baked lighting work? I tried to look around for this but did not find a good answer yet.

So forexample: If I ask the 3d modellers to do 3 poly versions of each mesh of the objects, how will that work when baking lighting? Will the engine do a bake of each LOD?

Hope someone out there has time and interest in sharing with me on this:)


Only the highest LOD is baked for accurate baked shadow casting. The lightmap will still work with the lower LODs as well.