Lock particle axis of a particle emitter to a degree value

hi guys,
is there a way to lock a particle system to a direction? I tried orientation modul/ Lock axis and its nearly what i want when im locking the Y axis. But on the map the particle always looks in the Y direction, even when the effect’s in local space and i rotate it. Does any one have an idea how i can get it work?

You enabled local Space in the Required Module?

You should be able to use local space and the lock axis module to get your particle to face a specific orientation…

If you can provide an image of what you are doing that would help.

Screen alignment is set to PSA Rectangle, Pivot Offset is (0.5, 0.0), Lock Axis is locked to Rotate X, and Local Space is checked on.

So this gives me a sprite going down the X axis and behaving similar to a beam. Now I want to pitch it up a little, rotate it slightly, etc. I was hoping the Emitter Rotation under the Required module would allow me to do this but it does not affect the sprite at all. However, when I place the emitter in the world and rotate it, it behaves the way I would expect.

Is there any way to make the Emitter Rotation behave the same way as if you placed the emitter in world?


NOTE: I really do NOT want to use Velocity based sprites to achieve what I want because they behave strangely if you slomo the game or have bad framerate.