Lock / Lockpick Component

Hello guys!

I’m working on a lock and lockpicking system, that can be implemented to any Actor by adding this component to it.

So… How does it works?
Very simple. You need to add one of Lock components to an actor, setup some variables and call “Open Lock” function on your “Interact” even (wich can be Interface, custom event, function, or whatever you use to make item interation).[/td]

There are some types of lockpicking. Rotation (Fallout/TES) and couple of PinPressing types (see the video below).

Ofcource, there is a way to simply open lock, if you have a key (Call “Open Lock” with “Lockpick” set to false).

There is also 3D lockpicking visualization, like Fallout has (there is 2D visualization, i guess, but anyway…), so player can clearly see, what is he doing, and you do not have to redraw animation… Simply change my models/materials to yours.

Price: 19.99$

List of lockpicking minigames:

  • Rotation Lock: You should find right place for a lockpick, so you could rotate your lock.
  • PinPressing Lock: Component has base Pin Pressing logic. It also have functions, that determites if all pins are in correct place (shear line). Does not have opening logic, as this is a master component for the rest types of Pin Pressing minigamess. But if you turn off “Return pins”, you can still complete this minigame.
  • Pin Lining Up: Child from Pin Pressing, so it already has all the logic it needs, but in addition, has timers, that will return pins after some time.
  • Realistic: In this minigame you will have to find correct tension, so pins wont move back and player will be able to line pins up.

Class structure and info:

So… Looking for your opinions. Will it be helpful or not? And wich price would you pay for it, if u need it?

Looks interesting for sure. I wonder how or to what extend we can chance your lock pick mesh and visuals? I mean by using this bp and change how it looks, how easy it would be to design some sort of “hacking” mini game, instead of “lockpicking”?

Well, there is a class “Lock”, that contains all the functionality you need. You can create child class and make your own lockpicking game just like I’m doing with those two types. You will need to check them out as an example. And ofcourse you can modify existing ones. No messy graphs and everything will be commented.

Hi AlFlakky,

This looks great so far. I’m excited to see how this turns out. What kind of time frame do you anticipate releasing it? It looks like this could make a great addition to our burglary simulator, Klepto.


I’ve done Rotation type and already made models for PinPressing type. So what is left is making second type of lockpicking and materials for those locks, that will take, I guess, like two/three weeks. After that I’ll submit it to the marketplace, but I do not know, how long it will take to approve and release. I guess it will be available in February. Maybe earlier.

Here is a quick map of class structure, so you could understand, how you can work with those locks in future:
Green and Red means what type of 3D vis class lockpick type uses.
Lock Component - Master class for all other lock components. Contains controls, start/end lockpicking logic, event dispatchers (lock opened, lockpicking started, ended, e.t.c.), 3D visualization creation and some variables.
Lock Rotation - Lock with rotation type of lockpicking (Like Fallout/TES). Contains all the logic it needs. Calls 3D visual class for rotation type.
Lock Pins - Master class for pin pressing types of lockpicking. Contains some setups, like number of pins, moving speed, pin returning logic and some more. Have some logic, that checks, if all the pins are in correct place.
Lock LineUP - Lock, where you need to line up all the pins. It’s a child from Lock Pins class, so it has same behaviour and uses same 3D visualization class. In addition, it have timers, wich return pins back to init positions.
Lock Realistic - Child from Lock Pins. Have additional logic for controling tension.

3D visualization BP - Class, that contains some components, that allow to render locks in 3D in front of everything.
Rotation 3D visual - Child from the previous class. In addition, have some logic, that gets info from lock component and moves lockpick and lock itself in accordance. Has animation of end opening.
Pins 3D visual - Child from 3D visualization BP. Also contains lock generation (generates pins according to number of pins from lock component) and lockpick/pins moving logic. Has animation of end opening as well.

haha ****… this was on my list of ‘to do’ assets for the marketplace! Nice work.

Sorry bro… You can make Hacking (Like Hacking Terminal in Fallout) stuff. I won’t do that (I wanted to, but decided to make other system).

haha all good. Free market and all that :slight_smile: I have plenty of other ideas too. Best of luck with the sales :slight_smile:

haha mine too. I started back toward the end of 2014 then got sidetracked working on a game instead.

AlFlakky, glad to see someone did good work on a locking-picking asset (and taking the mechanics seriously too).

Have you thought about adding analogue control of the tension wrench at all?
(e.g. Too much tension will make the pin bind too tightly, and too loose and the pins will just bounce back to starting positions quickly)
That would require the addition of different binding locations per pin, and might be TOO much detail for a game (and would only be accessible from analogue control pads anyway). That’s what I was implementing back when I worked on it, so there’d be varying levels of lock difficulty available. What you’ve made will already satisfy 99% of customers though, so good work.

Also, I was thinking of throwing in keypads and combination locks as well, to make it a great value pack (they are probably more useful to the average game developer than the tension wrench idea). Just a few ideas for you to consider :slight_smile:

That’s what I’m working on already :slight_smile:

You will have to control tention with a mouse, and if you loose correct one, all the pins will return to init position… It’s not the most realistic minigame, but close enougth to be interesting and hard at the same time. And pretty fast to make, coz my Lock Pin master BP already has all the difficult logic :slight_smile:

What about keypads… That is a good idea, but I’m going to make another system after this one. Thank u anyway :wink:

That’s freakin’ awesome! It would be awesome for a future project of mine. :smiley:

Hello again!

Has almost finished making my Lock/Lockpicking component pack.

I added realistic type, where you need to find correct tension.

Here is a video demo:

I have some stuff to fix, comment everything and do some clean up work. After I’m going to submit it on market for 19.99$ (maybe 24.99).

This looks incredible. Good job!

Amazing work!

NobleSpoon, Dominik523, Thank you, guys :slight_smile:

By the way. There are many settings you can change (like number of pins in Pin Pressing locks) that you can’t see on the video, so I’ll post list of features later.

Are you using any UMG widgets for this or is everything a 3D asset? Since my project supports VR, I’d like to have the lock moved from fixed position of player viewport to the level itself, ideally directly on the door.

I use UMG to draw a 3D mesh in front of everything. If you want to place this 3D mesh on a scene, you can do that. But you will have to change visualization classes a bit.

Submitted for 19.99$!