Location based voice chat, possible?

Dear community,

I have a question regarding voice chat. I couldn’t quite find documentation or tutorials on this topic.
In game, voice chat should be enabled with an always-on microphone, no push-to-talk. Based on the distance between players, the volume of that specific player should decay or, when a threshold is met, should be 0. At specified intervals, a player of the team will no longer hear the team, whilst the team is still communicating fine.

My questions:

  • Is this possible within unreal engine?
  • Where can I find code samples / documentation / tutorials regarding voice chat? Documentation seems non-existent.

Note: this should work from Windows to Windows, without using Steam in LAN environment .

Note 2: I really like to know if and how it can be done. Our team’s engine choice is depending on this feature and we would rather not switch only because of a lack of voice support.

Note 3: My knowledge of C++ is really low, but if this kind of voice chat is possible, I will improve myself! I just don’t want to bother learning all of UE4’s awesome tools just to switch engines anyway.

Thank you very much for your time!

I understand it’s an old thread, but in case you are still seeking an answer, you may be able to create a location based voice chat using a combination of the player locations and the un/mute functions within the onlineSubsystem.
for more info, see:


although, it requires steam which is a contradiction to your needs. But it should work in LAN I think ?