Location Based Opacity not working as intended

I was following this tutorial:

And at 5:30 he talked about driving the radius of the mask with the radius of the sphere.
I’ve followed it exactly, triple checking everything, and yet the mask is much much smaller than the sphere. And no matter what variable I try to tweak nothing works.

Also, Hardness doesn’t actually change the hardness, just the size of the mask. I would like to have nice gradient looking effect, but am unable to.


It is a working example.

You need add Scene component and parenting Sphere component to it. Then scale down Sphere component.

If you want to use soft mask, you need set blend mode of material to Translucent. And connect into Opacity slot Sphere Mask node.

This is result. In Simulate mode we have some issue. Radius of Sphere changing when left mouse button released.