Location Based Opacity for Multiple Different Props

Hi guys,

First post here so please bear with me :slight_smile: Please note that the level in all the images is a development level, purely barebones so I can get functionality working before I start doing graphical assets. I am not worried about using primitives to make this testing area as it will all be replaced soon.


What is wrong:

  • I have an opacity material which works
  • When applied as a secondary material on a prop above the base material/texture it inherits the the ‘colour’ channel of the opacity material, which is the brick wall texture.
  • If i remove that brick wall texture node from my opacity material then the box goes grey as seen in images

What I want:

  • I want to to put this opacity material made specifically for props on top of any prop I want, e.g. a couch. This opacity material is part of ‘location based opacity’ for an xray effect I am doing on the camera.
  • It should have no texture but instead affect the opacity of the prop, such as to make it 50% transparent (I can control this by the hardness of my paramater collection applied to the material instance)
  • I need help making only the opacity apply to the prop because it keeps going grey if I give it no base color or texture channel.

Detailed description of issues:

So, I followed the tutorial for location-based opacity as seen [here][1]. I used this cutaway function so that my camera could see through walls into a building, sort of like the sims. I however wish for it to also work on any furniture in the way of the camera. To do this I have one material for the walls, and one material for the props.

If I add the material as a second layer to the prop it takes on the colour/texture channel of the opacity material; if I give the opacity material no colour or texture then my prop just goes grey.

The two crates below each have a verision of the opacity material layered on top of their base material. The top box has the cutaway material I made specifically for props and for some reason doesn’t just affect the opacity but is also applying a base color of grey. The bottom box is using the same cutaway material as the building’s walls (this is for testing purposes), but it’s also applying the the texture of the building’s walls; I do not want this.

Below are the BPs for my location based opacity material to cut away the building’s walls; this works fine in itself and is demonstrated in later images cutting a peep hole for the camera through the building’s walls:

Am I doing my material layering incorrectly on the prop itself (as seen in the top right of below)?


bumping the thread :slight_smile:

Is anyone able to provide any input on this?