Localization Asset - Not working on Offline Font


we are trying to localize our offline font, but for some reason the Localized Asset is not being used, only the original, even after switching the language.
What i did was just right clicking on the offline font → Asset Localization → Create Localized Asset → Russian.
Then Unreal created the folder structure and the asset for me and i changed the font to use Russian characters.

When i switch the language in a standalone session or the build game, the Localized Asset is not switched out. Is there anything else i have to do to make it work?

Here is what my folder structure inside of unreal looks like:


UPDATE: We tried several solutions to use localized offline fonts, all to no avail. Our best solution so far was to create a material with several font atlases e.g. one for english, one for russian. Then switch the fonts, via a MaterialParameterCollection - Parameter, when switching the language. This worked, but the TextRenderComponent needs to update the font as well, which is not implemented properly, but i guess can be added in c++, or inside each blueprint where it is used via an interface. However, we didn’t continue to put more effort into this.
We also tried editing the font and added cyrillic letters to it with FontForge. This could have been a nice solution, but russian mixes cyrillic letters with western ones, which looks quite strange, if they are from two different fonts.

Our Solution now is the most obvious, we switch our entire font to one with cyrillic and western (and japanese) letters. Luckily we found a font, which still fits our game and has all the letters. My recommendation for everyone with this issue is to switch to a font consisting of all characters necessary, at least until Epic does something about offline font localization. -.-