local space Mesh particle with world position offset material problem with UE4 4.25.


I’ve update my project with 4.21 to 4.25, and I got a problem with mesh particle. (Also static mesh morphtarget has problem too. because it use transform node with local space to world space)

Here is my test material

Here is test static mesh.

In order to use vertex offset in local space, I use Transform node with local space to world space option. This material works fine with a static mesh but mesh particle is not working properly in 4.25.

This material works fine both static mesh and mesh particle with 4.21.

There are 2 editor. Left is 4.25 Right is 4.21. Same asset used. Each viewport has particle system (left) and staticmesh(right).

Is there a way to fix this? Transform with tangent space to world space looks like working, but tangent can’t handle with negative value…

Help me plz! T_T