Local Multiplayer with 4 players not working. 3 players works fine

We have a project that uses an Oculus Quest headset as host for other three over WIFI. It all works fine with the host and 2 other clients, but when a 3rd client tries to join, it always crashes. The crashes seem random, sometimes just the last client crashes, other times one of the other clients, or a combination of the three. Has anyone had the same issue or experience related to this? Any hints or directions? I think it might be Android related.

Hi msalvadorcontact, I’m a bit confused, the question I ask is this: Is there a way to share the same space in multiplayer using 2 or more Quest devices? Any template or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.(I know, this not solve your issues). Which version use for sdk android?

That’s how our game currently works. Up to 3 players over Wifi. However this work was done by our previous programmer so I currently can’t tell you how it was done, but in principle it’s no different than other Lan setups on Android. We use Android 25, and UE4 4.18 which I know is older than the Quest themselves but that was a decision beyond my control, maybe it’s related to my issue.