Local Multiplayer - Touch Controllers + 2 Xbox Controllers

Hi folks,

I’m currently exploring the possibilities of local multiplayer and VR, but I’m running into some issues regarding the assignment of controllers. I would like to have one VR player on the Rift using Touch controllers and two players on the Spectator Screen using Xbox controllers (sharing one overhead view for now). I can get the two player characters moving around with xbox controllers if I check ‘skip assigning gamepad to player 1’, but then none of the touch controller inputs function (apart from position tracking). If I leave this unchecked then I can use the touch controller for vr player but xbox(1) controller does nothing and xbox(2) controller controls the first character.

Currently my setup is:

  • Custom VR character as default pawn class is spawned from a PlayerStart
  • In the Level Blueprint I have a sequence that goes CreatePlayer (ControllerID = 1) > Spawn the character pawn > posses that pawn. The next part of the sequence repeats this with ControllerID = 2.

Are the touch controllers and xbox(1) gamepad always in conflict or am I doing something wrong with regards to PlayerController and the way I’m creating my additional players?

I can provide screenshots if it will help.

Thanks in advance,

If anyone else is struggling with this, I have found a temporary work-around that seems to work but is by no means clean. When I tick “skip assigning gamepad to player 1” (the VR player) then the first of the two other characters gets both the touch controls and the first xbox controller sent to them. I simply made custom events in my VR player and every time a Touch button is pressed then the pawn triggers the custom event in the VR pawn. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to work for trigger axis values but the simple ‘on’ or ‘off’ of each button works fine.

It would be really great to have more control over how keyboard+mouse/gamepads/joysticks and any other input devices are assigned to pawns by the player controller in blueprints.

I hope this is a help to anyone else struggling with this issue.