Local multiplayer splitscreen and how to change the second player

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to do a local splitscreen 2 player game.
So far I can control the 2 players via xbox controllers by adding two [create players] boxes with different ID (0 & 1) in my level Blueprint.
They’re both spawning in different PlayerStart since I figured out that adding a second PlayerStart will automatically spawn the second player there.

I made a copy of the “MyCharacter” Blueprint since I want my second player to have a different mesh, different camera that follows him, and different controls.
The first character is set in GameMode and is the default pawn class.
The issue is that I don’t know how to link “MyCharacter2” to the second [CreatePlayer] in my level Blueprint so it doesn’t use the first “MyCharacter”.

Thanks !

Hi, I recently had a similar issue and if memory serves me right (im not in front of my machine to test) I got rid of the playerstarts and instead drug out the BP of the 2 different characters. Then in level blueprint I put in a couple reference nodes to the characters and on an event begin play or maybe a tick event I did possess’ of the two characters each with of course the different controller ID. I will test and repost when I get home if you dont get it figured out. Hope it helps.

thanks for the reply !
Well, I think I understand what you are saying, but I can’t seem to figured it out or make it work.
If you could show me what the blueprint should look like, it will be very helpful :slight_smile:


Hi Mistral…Can you try below setup:


thanks a ton ! it’s working perfectly that way !
Any idea why i have clones of both my characters though ?

Try unchecking Spawn Pawn in Create Player.

I tried different method of unclicking the spawn pawn in create Player with no success so far, i still have clones of my characters floating in the air :

1- unclicked spawn pawn on both : character1 is working, have his clone floating in the air, character2 screen is black
2- unclicked spawn pawn on 1st char : both character are working, both screen work, both have clone of themselves
3- unclicked** spawn pawn** on 2nd char : character1 is working, have his clone floating in the air, character2 screen is black
4 -clicked spawn pawn on both char : both character are working, both screen work, both have clone of themselves floating in the air

In WorldSettings, GameMode Override : MyGame is selected
MyCharacter is the default spawn class selected

Try setting Default Pawn class in MyGame to None.

Hey ryanjon2040, thanks for helping me :slight_smile:

I tried to change the setting to none like you said but as a the result I have my topscreen (Mychar1) who seem to be in 0.0.0 with no character at all, while on the bottomscreen, I have mycharacter2 with his clone floating :confused:

I tried to change all the GameMode/ Default pawn Class available options as well, the best result so far is still MyGame & MyCharacter selected but with characters floating.

If you send me the project, i’ll see if i can fix it. :slight_smile:

I have the same issue.

I sent you my project via pm :slight_smile: Thank you so much for helping me!
I’ll share the project if the floating clone characters are gone since I’m not the only one with this issue.

Hi Mistral…Packaged game is not what i need. I need the project source (.uproject) that contains Config, Content and the .uproject file.

Sorry about that! i just sent you the good one :slight_smile:

Hi Mistral. I fixed it. Uploading now. I’ll post the link in a few minutes. Note that am only uploading the changed files (not the entire project).

EDIT: Download

Hi ryanjon2040, thanks a lot for the fix! I just tried it and it’s working perfectly.


Hi guys,

Sorry to resurrect this post after so long - I’m new to UE4 and seem to having the same issue as Mistral when trying to create a split screen game.
Please could you explain briefly what you did to fix the duplicating characters problem (where two characters are floating above the spawned characters)? Also, I seem to have a problem where I have put in two PlayerStarts, and have tried to set up the create players blueprints as per your screenshot above, but I get both characters spawning on the same PlayerStart. Any ideas?


same problem here, what was the solution? I have been stuck on this for days…

Bump… What is the solution?

I found a solution…

You can ‘Get All Actors of Class’ for the duplicate actor. Then you can do a Branch with the Boolean node ‘Is Controlled’. If the actor is not controlled anymore you ‘Destroy Actor’