Local Multiplayer Setup

So I have been working on fps project, following the exact same steps from youtube tutorial.

Link to the video :

This tutorial shows you how to make basics of fps, and also AI, which means it is a single player game.
I am done with the basics (Firing System, animation, UI - HP Bar, Num of Ammo left, etc …) but I wanted to make a local multiplayer battle royal using what I made.

So first, I tried adding start point, and player which was quite successful.
When I tried playing, I had two screens in a split viewport, with two characters.

However, I realized there is a serious issue. At first I have set HP bar and number of Ammo to pop up on user interface which was working really great. But when I added a character, the screen splits into two, but not the UI.
What I realized is that I have to reassign every single variables to make my 1p work for new player. To do that I had to edit whole blueprints and other stuff to make my 2nd player work, but the only problem is that I don’t know how.

The youtube tutorial I have been following shows nothing about that, and I didn’t need AI but a character so 2 people can play together, shooting each other.

So my question is,

is it possible to simply duplicate all the blueprints, setting, variables to make a new character?

OR is there a way to simply add a new character using what I have made already.

Please Help ;(
This is what my project looks like.

The way you’d do is just use a Character blueprint which will have everything a player needs, I assume you already have that? Are you reusing the same character blueprint for the second player?