local multiplayer - event overlap question

I have a checkpoint system for a racing game: everytime the player overlaps the checkpoint, the current checkpoint is hidden and the next checkpoint is activated.
I also implemented a local multiplayer up to 4 players.
Right now if player1 goes through checkpoint1, he will hide it and activate checkpoint2 for all players.
How can I tell the checkpoint system to be specific for each player? so if player1 goes through checkpoint1 he will activate checkpoint2 only for himself, so player2 has to go through checkpoint1 aswell to activate checkpoint2.

Hi, basically two things:

(1) make sure your logic to show and hide the checkpoints is not replicating, since you don’t want the clients to sync that with the server

(2) where you do the overlap, check if the player who is overlapping is controlled by the local player controller and only continue then (cause the overlap will be triggered on all clients and server but you only want to execute the logic on the client whose pawn is overlapping)