Local location of hit event?


I am sure I am missing something obvious but where do I get the location of a hit event on the object raising the event? I can get world co-ordinates but not the impact point on the actor/pawn.

  • Event Hit → Hit Location (World Co-ordinates)
  • Event Hit → Hit → Location (World Co-ordinates)
  • Event Hit → Hit → Impact Point (World Co-ordinates)

Impact Point would seem to be the place to look but the values are exactly the same as Location.

Any help would be much appreciated,

Plug the Vector location into an Inverse Transform Location. For “T” in the InverseTransformLocation node plug in a GetActorTransform node based on the actor you want it local to. I think that would do it.

Thanks for your response, I am not sure I understand it completely but I will try it out.

thanks a lot. exactly what I needed.