'Local Aligned Texture' node?

I see that there’s a ‘Local Aligned Texture’ node in material editor, but looking inside, it seems like it’s not finished yet. I see that it has some logic using vertex normals, so is it meant to do something like this? … Or maybe its purpose is to ‘lock’ texture on an object, without ‘panning’ it when object moves (just like the WorldAlignedTexture does)?

Does anyone know something about this mystery node? :slight_smile:

Are asking for an ObjectAlignedTexture node or are you talking about some how getting the textures to line up with each polygon?

For ObjectAlignedTexture you could probably just plug a WorldPosition node or a Vector3 into the WorldPosition input for WorldAlignedTexture. Which one would work for your use case depends on how the WorldPosition input for WorldAlignedTexture input works, I haven’t played with it enough to know off the top of my head.

Thanks for the tip, this should ‘lock’ the world-aligned texture in place.

I’m mostly curious about this ‘Local Aligned Texture’ node that we can find in material editor. I’ve thought that maybe it was intended to do something like it’s shown in my linked AnswerHub question.