LOADS of Fun Trying to Create LED Edge Lit Glass

So whilst I was trying to create a material for LED lit glass, I created something I thought you may enjoy and could use in your games. WARNING: This was NOT what was supposed to happen and I ended up fixing it, which I’ll describe in a bit. What’s great is that this whole thing twinkles and looks pretty awesome. I have no post processing. Just started a new first person level.

So I couldn’t take a video capture because I don’t know how and I’ve been trying to get glass right for 3 days. Here’s how to get the results I was originally looking for; In the “opacity” section of the material set up, you’ll see a Texture Sample, 2 Constances, and a Lerp. Remove the Constance and the Lerp and just plug the uv texture into the multiply. LED edge lit glass… Just have to get the etched areas to NOT reflect. Anyway, I’m pretty much giving up on this here on out. Glass just isn’t UE4’s strong suite.