LoadPackageAsync failed after changing project in Visual Studio(UnrealVS bug?)

i moved my projectfolder onto my ssd. While i still can launch the game in the UE4 Editor, i cant launch a DebugGame build in Visual Studio. After moving and rebuild the .sln i noticed that visual VS was still refering to the old project folder.

I tried to start DebugGame or DebugGameEditor and both builds didnt work. After i changed UnrealVs to the current folder i was able to use debuggameEditor again, but not DebugGame. DebugGameEditor even allowed me to launch the game in the editor without any probs.

But DebugGame throws an exception:
“LoadPackageAsync failed to begin to load a package because the supplied package name was neither a valid long package name nor a filename of a map within a content folder”

So i think i have to change the Projectfolder in some files, most likly only to UnrealVS realated but no idea where and how to figure it myself out, since im quit new to Unreal.


Try right-clicking on the project on the SSD and selecting “Generate project files” again.

To be safe, you may also want to clean out the directories that UE4 generated. The simplest way to do this is: open the project (from the old location), choose File->Package Project->Zip up project, and then extract the zip that is created to get a clean project. Generate the project files and see how that goes.

ahh okay, i didnt know there was a function which helps to move projects !

I think it fixed my problem !
Thank u